Past, present and hopeful future

As this year begins, I plan to do things a little different. I have spent the last couple of years wishing and praying for things to change and nothing happened. I’m done hoping and will just do something. Art was my favourite subject in school, s was my art teacher. My one friend knew that … Continue reading Past, present and hopeful future


How do you want to be buried and remembered?

When my martenal grandmother died in 2021, due to Covid, a lot of things went left. There was high mortality in the country as Covid was claiming at least a 1000 lives daily, hospitals and funeral undertakers were inundated, people were afraid to visit one another, burials needed to take place within 3 days from … Continue reading How do you want to be buried and remembered?

Happiest me

Now here’s a contradiction. Nothing has changed, my circumstances remain completely unchanged BUT I feel pretty. I grew up incredibly meek and insecure, not always, but certainly around people I found intimidating, I would shrink. I was never popular, never the prettiest, not the smartest.. but somehow I would be around people like that, either … Continue reading Happiest me

Anxious struggle: Me vs unemployment vs family

Another decline again today. What’s new? I get at least 3 a day. it’s probably the 20th this month. A thousandth in the last year. I cant catch a break! Been applying so much I can’t remember when I applied for what or how, email, websites, career sites, drop offs, you name it. Initially I … Continue reading Anxious struggle: Me vs unemployment vs family