With Lee Quo

I’m Lee Quo

I’m a former Art student, Pending Communications graduate and Marketing coordinator for a major insurance company in SA. Now I’m a stay at home mom, trying to figure life out. Dealing hard with the sharp turn my life has taken.

I prefer fooling around with my family and the few people I still refer to as friends.

Here, I extend an invite to my mirror talks, lone car drive thoughts, introspective cooking sessions and occasional meltdowns during random long walks.

Life. Love. Parenting. Family. Hardships. Anxiety. Career.

As I See It.

  • Happiest me

  • Hullo from the other side

    Hullo from the other side

  • I’m not happy

    I’m not happy

  • Anxious struggle: Me vs unemployment vs family

    Anxious struggle: Me vs unemployment vs family

  • Dim reminders: Phantom pregnancy

    Dim reminders: Phantom pregnancy

  • Looming 31st

    Looming 31st